Kill the enemy of passion in the game make competitive atmosphere of the Internet more and more intense, rewarding 8 Light Strike Gaming Key Board, beyond winning thousands, not only is the test of the player's ability, but gaming equipment of excellent quality.

Many people may imagine entry-level price can buy a waterproof +104 designed for Internet cafes to create full backlit keyboard keys without conflict, Zhou rapoo V510 mechanical keyboard backlight games now available, 199 Yuan help you step into place.

Internet popularity mechanical keyboard pioneer, drawing process on the cover, waterproof, dustproof, total-conflict-free design, 24 kinds of lighting effects, star match, build Internet's robust.

Black and white kind of brushed metal Panel, simple and generous, he also showed a hint of elegance, return keyboard is to enter the essence of classic narrow border design, smoother corners, 104-key layout even more coordination. Use of Zhou rapoo independent green and black axes, manipulator, and meet the needs of different experiences, 60 million key life, durable, help you enjoy quick play game.

"No lights, not game", in the big mechanical key select million color has of when, V510 select return pure and really, used monochrome can regulation backlight, black version match flame red, white version match cool blue, reflected has a unique of beauty, simple and not simple, through VPRO combination keyboard, can play turned breathing lamp, and single points bright, and explosion, 24 species lamp effect, regulation back light degrees and frequency, bloom belongs to himself of competitive light!

Mechanical keyboard feel is good, but a little delicate, although they are frequently extremely long service life of the tens of millions of times, but have a malpractice, dustproof and waterproof abilities far from standing against membrane keypad. Launched in 2015, Zhou rapoo V510, Web master, gives players more protection and peace of mind, goodbye to mechanical keyboard "landlubbers" in the title, the 2016 Edition V510, continuing legend waterproof, 6mm padded waterproof insulation and drain tank, equipped with four drain holes on the back, to prevent water damage.

Characters wear is a major hidden peril of Internet keyboard, V510 dual injection backlit keys, even in the severe depletion of the Internet Café environment and ensures high gloss, smooth and delicate character permanently resistant to abrasion. CAP was used for layout, extending down from the side you can see Cap arc, can give your fingers a very good point, avoid fatigue during prolonged use.

1.5mm thickness steel plate design was used, in the context of intense use, keyboard steady as mount Tai, in parallel with the enhanced key stretch, the keyboard setting within the reasonable range in weight, can greatly improve the keyboard input capacity, better suited to the complexity of using the environment of cyber cafes. Back leg for common transverse folded one-leg, pole top covered with non-slip rubber feet 8 Light Strike Gaming Mouse, 5 pieces of textured rubber anti-slip pad, keyboard a better grip and carry full-Court pressure.

The V510 104-key layout, key design-free, carefree enough freedom to play the game, no need to worry about high speed button Caton, failure, pace of play action. High-performance PVC wire, USB interface behind the anti-jamming design of magnetic-loop, stability of improving signal transmission, with a long service life.

Zhou rapoo V510 mechanical keyboard backlight games to achieve a fusion of elegant radians and tough line, acquired Internet cafes most keys, audio touches, three types of experience, Internet cafes and mechanical keyboard is the most perfect encounter, sticking fingers curved, dancing fingers passion.