Keyboard is essential to computer equipment, now using membrane keyboard, why it's called a membrane keyboard? You can put the keycap pull to know why it's called a membrane keypad rubber coating gaming mouse.

However, at the beginning of the computer age, membrane keyboard has not been developed, spread are mechanical keyboards on the market. Mechanical keyboard is like? Also, unplug the key cap, you can clearly see the mechanical differences between keyboards and membrane keyboard.

Mechanical keyboard market is being replaced from above can probably know, mechanical keyboard structure of public order, high cost of technology and membrane keypad with lower production costs, we are typing games, and most of the users is not a person who strives for perfection, so mechanical keyboards share had gradually been commandeered.

With continuing development and people's living standards continued to improve through the years of the Internet, some for a long time computer technicians began to pursue the comfort of computer peripherals. As a result, mechanical keyboards were eliminated in this luxury is back on the stage.

Cherry cherry, a Germany mechanical keyboard manufacturing experts, known as the ancestor of the mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboard is the most important part of its axis, axis needs certain technique. Most famous shaft is made of cherry, by players as the original shaft, black, red, green, tea, four main axes. 4 different axis has a different feel, to different users, different axes available.

Network game era, mechanical keyboard became the main peripheral equipment, mechanical keyboard phenomenon is being pushed in the rush. Many peripheral manufacturers at home and abroad have begun to produce their own mechanical keyboard, Filco, Pirate ships from abroad, China RK, Ducky, cooler master is top mechanical keyboard manufacturer. Some manufacturers are making the keyboard when working directly with cherry, launched with cherry spindle with the keyboard of your own design.

But Cherry's strength, should put into the shaft to a considerable qualification and money, and many new manufacturers can't resist this burden, guantai shafts, and kaihua axis and so on the domestic axis appears, even the manufacturer independently developed, Zhou rapoo, for example, has developed by Zhou rapoo axis.

The difference between them is the internal spring different

Black shaft

Operating pressure: 58.9G ± 14.7g no sense of paragraphs

Green axis

Operating pressure: 58.9G touch 14.7g pressure: 58.9G ± 19.6g feeling good


Operating pressure: 44.1g touch 14.7g pressure: 54.0g ± 14.7g slight feeling

Red axis

Operating pressure 44.1g ± 14.7g no sense of paragraphs

Green axis axis is the most popular of them, green axis keyboard a clear CLICK sound, CLICK the per click, giving a sense of pleasure, but the downside is that might affect others, such as roommates and co-workers. As for feeling, this depends on your feelings, if not love, the best choice for red and black.

Black shaft is the choice of most players, because he has no feeling and high demand pressure, rebound quickly, nervous esports games, this is in line with the player's mind.

Mechanical keyboard highlight not only in the shaft. There is light, so there are many white blue light light keyboard, even RGB. RGB (red green blue) colors 6 buttons gaming mouse, machinery with RGB function keyboard, each key can be set to a custom color, like DIY bloggers heard this is there?

Mechanical keyboards are highlights of key without rushing (Turkistan). Keys without a flush membrane keyboard that can be avoided cannot exceed the 5 key provisions, so players can easily perform difficult operations. This is also a factor that many people choose mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboard key caps are also players play areas, Frost blue, Rainbow, Germany, Jackson lights are famous, such as the color scheme.