Virgin land long neglected, Internet competition breeds great potential for growth. Power race render explosive growth in recent years: 2015 World esports games has ballooned to 4,291, tournament prize money 5-year cumulative growth is as high as 1083%. Detonate massive qualifiers held needs and contemporary home bar "esports + social" transformation of the perfect fit: high equipped with PC A4-2.4G Mini Wireless Mouse and ready-made site qualifying for the advantages of the Internet to become the best landing sites, and significantly reduce host tournament operating costs and enhance efficiency; Internet café owners and sponsors also enjoy Internet games brought more popularity and publicity opportunities. Tripartite win-win model led to the rapid development of Internet cafes in domestic tournaments, will become one of the biggest beneficiaries of strong channels of Internet resources.

Large flow + evolving business models, competing broadcast stride gain times. Accelerate the maturity of the industry chain, capital boost and barrage, broadcast technology progress to open the domestic broadcasting industry a golden opportunity. Games, eSports players with higher ability and willingness to pay, most popular esports anchors the commercial value of more prominent, unfolded as esports fans running fans, artists and other economic changes have tremendous prospects; in an era of popular esports, live platform deposited huge amounts of competing young watch traffic flow is accurate. Through a variety of contents such as extending mobile broadcasting, PGC, "esports drainage, long tail content realisation" model is accelerating the pace of esports broadcasting industry towards a profitable time.


VR of complementary and competing, competing industries in the next ground zero. Revolutionary picture performance and interactive form of VR, in essence agree with video game central pursuit of development. From historical experience, a competing element addition is expected to substantially overcome VR content thin early game problems. Competing with VR for the parties themselves to promote complementarity provides a new Light Strike Gaming Mouse model of development. Right now such as the WVA VR race, Internet cafes to promote esports VR games to test the waters have begun to practice, "+VR" by the enormous market space has only just begun to release.